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IMP webmail
Browser-based email access system for those with accounts
Secure, encrypted access to the command line using the Mindterm ssh (Secure Shell) java applet.

Mailing list archives

Announcements list for Brisbane members of the newsgroup.
General discussion group for BrisXF. Topics are wide and varied, and traffic can sometimes be quite high.
Spin-off from BrisXF-Chat, for topics that tend to generate some sort of rather heated opinionated discussions.. generally politically related.
The Sydney-siders from felt a bit left out, so we set them up with a mailing list too!
Discussion list for a bunch of people involved in the goth scene in Brisbane, Australia. Some of them are no longer in Brisbane, but that hasn't stopped them. This list was created to replace the Brisigoth list, which was retired by the fellow running it.
This is a jokes list. Subscribe to this if you want to receive jokes in your email. Be warned, that many of these jokes can be considered rude, offensive, sexist, racist, or off-colour by many people. If that doesn't bother you, then come on in.
The Velcro Underground. This is a list for matters pertaining to the Church of V\R, the Velcro Group. Schwa Rabbit, NEXUS-Brisbane, and anything else they or their friends care to talk about.

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